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Welcome to Suffolk DBT

Suffolk DBT Psychological Services is a private practice in Suffolk County, NY, which provides the full spectrum of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) treatment. DBT is a form of cognitive behavior therapy designed to help people work through problems including overwhelming emotions, impulsive behavior, self-injury, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma, and conflictual relationships. Our highly trained clinicians are available to help you cope with these issues using highly effective evidence-based DBT techniques.


“DBT doesn’t feel like therapy; therapy is boring and it is hard for it to be helpful to those who are unsure of their ability to get better. DBT shows you it is possible to get better, and feels more like life coaching than being psychoanalyzed.”
“I used to think I can live with how I was but DBT showed me a better me.”
“If it was not for DBT, I honestly don’t know where I would be in life today.”
“Often we don’t see our problems as problems, but it took DBT to help me see my problems and make me want to change for the better.”
“DBT did not change who I was, but instead it helped me become who I want to be.”
“DBT works if you work at it. Believe me, the outcome is worth it.”

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